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We Supply Textile Machines Spare Parts

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Textile Machines Spare Parts

We Supply High Temperature Lubricants


We can offer you different solutions regarding oils, greases and sprays for the lubrication of your machine. In our advanced product portfolio there is the optimal lubrication product for every application available – also for other sectors of industry as for example the food, automotive, ceramic or pharmaceutical industry.


Grease specification

  • Durata
  • Relabo
  • Algernon

  • Of our lubrication product range the greases present a substantial part of the lubrication of machinery components and parts. For the chain ball bearings as well as for the circulation fan motors, we recommend our high-temperature grease DURATA HT 56-02. Also in extreme media and under higher temperatures our grease remains fully operational. Beyond the lubrication greases our product portfolio offers a variety of greases for other application areas like e.g. for the long-time and life-time lubrication.


    Oil specification

  • HT Premium oil

  • Regarding the different creeping-lubricants of our product range the lubricating oils present one of the main products of Interspare Lubricants. The high-temperature chain oils like the PREMIUM HT OIL and the PREMIUM HT PLUS OIL are especially developed for the lubrication of transport chains and other chain parts which are running under high temperature influences. These chain oils are based on an excellent quality level and maintain their ground in the market successfully already since many years. Furthermore Interspare Lubricants has a wide range of oils of diverse application areas available as e.g. hydraulic oils, gear oils and oils for circular knitting machines.


    Spray specification

  • MolybDry TL5
  • To complete our lubricants portfolio we also offer dry lubricants in form of sprays. The dry-lubricant sprays, as our MolybDry TL 5, form an immediately drying lubricating film which can resist high temperatures and heavy loads.

    Specification will be provided upon request

    There are mainly three different lubricant- types which are in use in our customer’s machines. For this application our high-temperature chain oils, like the PREMIUM HT OIL and the PREMIUM HT PLUS OIL, are especially developed for the lubrication of the attrition pairing of bolt and bushing of transport chains and other chain parts under high temperature influences. A further component of a different chain type is the ball bearing which is lubricated with the DURATA HT 56-02 high-temperature grease. The MolybDry TL 5 Spray is applicable in the chain rails and on every other sliding part related to the chain. The lubricants mentioned here are only a little fraction of the possible products of our portfolio to be used. Moreover these products are also applicable in other machine components. For that see the other applications. Please do not hesitate to speak to us. To generate our quotation as precisely as possible please add information regarding the application area with the environmental impacts.